What is a master’s thesis?

    The master’s thesis should present a higher level than the bachelor’s thesis. It’s primarily

    for all better and broader issues, fuller retrospective review and

    critical use of the literature of the subject, sources and proper and justified selection

    research methods. The two most important goals in the case of a master’s thesis are the goal

    didactic and scientific.

    Didactic goals:

    • gaining the skills to put a research problem and hypotheses,
    • thorough knowledge acquisition in the field of specialty and topic of work,
    • acquisition of technical skills related to writing a master’s thesis,
    • the ability to critically discuss the state of research and confront it with materials
    • source,
    • framed construction of the work (logical and skillful selection of issues),
    • presentation of your thoughts, arguments and achievements including
    • elementary principles of scientific literature,
    • The scientific character of the master’s thesis is expressed by fulfilling the following


    • the test material is selected objectively,
    • the selection of the adopted method is scientifically justified,
    • the solution to the problem is based on logical reasoning,
    • the author’s argument is a scientific lecture,
    • the interpretation of the results is well thought-out,

    Types of MA theses

    Theoretical work – based on cognitive-type research, includes an overview

    a concrete concept or scientific theory. Here, the historical element is shown

    modifications of a given theory, changing views on a given problem with a critical assessment

    current point of view and proposing changes.

    Review work – a comparative analysis of specific literature prevails here

    problem. This review should be reasonably comprehensive and include both

    publications published in Polish as well as foreign ones. Analysis comes down to

    comparative report on the results achieved by other research results

    and a critical evaluation of these results.

    Empirical works – there are descriptive works here (so-called empirical and analytical)

    and explanatory work (so-called empirical-synthetic). These works are based

    on the study of relationships that occur between different phenomena and require

    reference to the scientific literature that allows the formulation of assumptions and

    scientific conclusions.

    Subject and purpose of the work

    The work must have a topic and a goal that must be defined

    clearly and so that the author of the work can prove it by understanding the purpose

    the truthfulness of the thesis he will formulate for his work

    thesis. The thesis can be proved or disproved by the author

    work while writing.

    It is known that the condition for obtaining a diploma is written and positively

    graded diploma thesis by the supervisor and reviewer (or

    reviewers) and then defended by the student during the exam

    final. However, for the student to write a good job,

    you need a promoter, or a tutor who works together with

    student writing a job.

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