How to write a master’s thesis: we prepare a plan in order

    The defense of the diploma project is preceded by serious work. Students should learn many disciplines, in particular, take a course on research methodology. Studying this discipline should be given a lot of attention because it is the key to successfully writing a diploma.

    A universal way of working on a project is a block method. The entire amount of the diploma is divided into blocks that can be made separately, and then combined into one. Examination of diploma theses on uniqueness should be carried out at every stage of writing the diploma.

    Work plan for the diploma project

    Work according to the methodological recommendations provided by the department.

    Selection of literature on the subject of diploma, searching for necessary information in the university library and on the Internet.

    Drawing up a diploma plan.

    Writing the theoretical part.

    Studies and calculations on the practical part of the diploma.

    Preparing summaries and conclusions.

    The diploma thesis is checked in terms of uniqueness in accordance with the requirements of the department

    How to choose the right literature

    First, you should carefully read the Instructions and carry out the work in accordance with all the requirements set out in it. An important step is to choose sources of information about the project. Typically, these are books: books and monographs that can be found in the university library. In addition to educational and reference books, you should use scientific articles related to the subject of theses and summaries of scientific conferences, law and other regulations.

    Make a plan

    A well-designed plan is an important part of the work. It may vary depending on the subject, but there is a universal plan that applies to each project. The plan consists of several parts:

    • Introduction
    • Theory
    • Research and calculation
    • Conclusions
    • List of sources
    • Applications (drawings, figures, tables)
    • Theoretical part of the diploma

    To write a theoretical part, it is necessary to develop educational and reference literature as well as scientific articles and monographs on the subject of the project. Initially, the student conducts a review of literature and articles. The text contains links to information sources, but in general the article should be written by the student independently, so it is important to check the uniqueness at this stage.

    Work on the practical part

    The practice leader gives pupils about the company, on the basis of which it is necessary to make all calculations concerning the practical part of the diploma. In conclusion, the conclusions are drawn based on the theoretical part and the calculations made.

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